2014 is good so far!

If you have ever read this blog before, then you will know I post in fits and starts! My last post was in January and once again I am back to try and get this blog back on track.

In January I was at the start of a relationship, looking for a job and training for a half marathon. I’m pleased to say Sarah and I are on the way to celebrating seven months together, I got a job and I ran a half marathon! Not a bad start to the year.

I’m now working for the NHS at a local hospital in an administrative position; back behind a desk once again! It’s not secure, my contract runs out, as it does for everyone in the office, at the end of December 2014. Unless the project we are working on is extended, I shall be looking for work towards the end of the year.

Not being at work was great when it came to training for the half marathon that I completed in Llanelli on 2nd March. I went round in a respectable time of 1:59:33; not bad for a beginner. In the build up I went on a long run of 15 miles during which I managed to damage myself around the knees; which meant I had to tail off my running severely before the half and afterwards I was off running for a Doctor mandated six weeks. I’ve suffered no ill effects so far and I’m able to run (keep everything crossed).

Sarah and I are both going to run the Severn Bridge Half Marathon in August, and I’ve signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October.

For the six weeks Sarah and I have been living together; a big change for both of us and so far we are coping being around each other all the time! It feels natural and right. We are very happy together and I like that. As I come to the end of this post, I hope that I will continue to post and keep up with the blog – watch this space!