A look back at my aspirations for 2014

This year I have been very lax in updating my blog. Life got in the way and my updating of social media started to wane somewhat.

As the new year approaches, I thought I would look back a year to my aspirations for 2014 and see how I got on.

Aspiration #1 – Get a job – Succeeded
When I wrote my first aspiration I had been unemployed for 18 months and wanted to find something other than office work. However that didn’t pan out straight away and in April I found myself behind a desk working for the NHS in Bronllys. I still wasn’t keen on office work so looked for a new job and at the beginning of December I returned to Dering Lines and the Civil Service, this time as a labourer and a much different role to the one I left. This isn’t a bad thing though, I think I had a smile on my face from the minute I walked back in to the minute I left to go on Christmas leave; I’m happy in the job and I look forward to the new challenges it brings.

Aspiration #2 – Watch fewer films – Succeeded
As I type I have watched 122 films, which is just over 2 a week. Last year I had watched 460, so it’s a dramatic reduction. Being with Sarah has obviously made an impact in my free time, an impact I am thoroughly and magnificently happy to have in my life.

Aspiration #3 – Read more – Not succeeded
I’d hoped to read about 20 books by the year end, I have read just 4. I thought that once I was back in work, I’d be able to read at lunchtimes but that just wasn’t possible. In my new role, there is scope for reading at break times, therefore I’m hoping to reach my target of 20 books in 2015.

Aspiration #4 – Go out more – Succeeded
In our early dating days and weeks, Sarah and I would go out to The Wellington for chips and some alone time as we were both still living with parents. Since we have been living together, our going out is together and usually involves trips and shopping! So I’m going to say I succeeded but hope to go out more socially with our friends in 2015.

Aspiration #5 – Run in an organised Half Marathon – Succeeded
A month prior to putting together last years list, I had run 13 miles and was confident (ish) that I could complete a Half. By the end of 2014 I had completed 3 organised Half Marathons; 1 of those with Sarah. In 2015 I am scheduled to complete 2 more.

Aspiration #6 – Improve my general fitness – Not succeeded
I stopped Spinning early in the year to concentrate on running which was a mistake as my fitness suffered; I’ll be going back in 2015. As for general body fitness which I’d hoped to improve, well I’ve done nothing towards that! Once again I’ll try and improve in 2015.

Aspiration #7 – Volunteer more – Not succeeded
I was undertaking a degree when I had this aspiration but I wasn’t enjoying the learning so ditched it. Therefore I continue to volunteer once a week at the Youth Club as I have done for the past 8 years.

Aspiration #8 – Get a mountain bike – Not succeeded
The purchase of a mountain bike will happen eventually, just not yet!

Aspiration #9 – Try to relax, enjoy life & not over think every situation – Succeeded mostly!
I think I have relaxed more now that Sarah is in my life but I still over think and find negatives in many situations I’m getting better though and will continue to improve I’m sure.

2014 was a very good year for me, one of the best I think, I hope to make 2015 even better!