Aspirations for 2015

Following on from my look back at my aspirations for 2014, I thought I’d post a few for 2015.

Read more – Once again reading is on the list and once again I’ve set myself a target of 20 books.

Enjoy running again – Towards the end of 2014, I lost interest in running and the whole process of training for events. From the Cardiff Half in October to the end of the year I think I only went out a handful of times. In 2015 I would like to run two half marathons, so I will be training from next week but hopefully not to the point where running becomes a chore again.

Catch up with the IMDb Top 250 – The top 250 is one of the most famous, but not necessarily best, lists in film fandom. It is made up of votes from the normal everyday film fan. As the list stands today’s have seen 189 of 250. For years I have meant to try and get the list watched, so I’ll try and achieve that this year and introduce Sarah to a few films along the way.

Listen to more albums – I listen to music nearly everyday, however I rarely listen to albums from end to end these days. Once December comes around and end of year lists start to appear, I try and listen to those named the best of the year. Instead of cramming it all in, in a few weeks, I’ll listen to a few albums each week, broadening my music horizons in the process and maybe even spawning a few blog posts!

Save! – I spend too much money, it’s a simple as that.

Travel – Yes I said I would save but Sarah and I also have plans to do some travelling, if only for weekends away. One place I would like to visit with Sarah this year is Paris, and maybe up north to visit our relatives.

Nothing earth shattering there but a few things to aspire to as we travel along to road that is 2015. I hope my blog comes with me and I’ll try to keep it a bit more up to date this year.