Week One – and so it begins!

Week One of the Marathon plan!
After a smashing start to my running year over the New Year I started my first week with a rest day, well I was supposed to!

My plan gets me to run four times a week with rest days on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Which works out great as I volunteer at a Youth Club on Monday evenings so I’m not rushing to squeeze in a run, the downside is Saturday, no parkrun’s unless I’m feeling good, there’s no point tiring myself out as I have long runs on Sunday.

My aim with these updates is to give myself something to look back on as I make my way to the finish line of the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017.

Something I also want to do is track my weight. I’m not particularly precious about my weight but if I can loose a bit I’d be happy, I’ve also read stories of runners weight increasing over Marathon training due to eating more as we are running more, runners munchies are a real struggle to avoid!

I’ll be weighing myself on Mondays however, I started on the 1st just to get a starting figure.

1st Jan – 76.4 KG

9th Jan – 75.5 KG

Nearly a kilo down, which is due to going back to work and not eating the biscuits & chocolates we had over the Christmas period, and also running my biggest week for a very long time. I suspect it’ll go back up before next Monday!

Week One Mileage

Mon – 5.2 miles

Tue – 2.2 miles

Wed – 3.1 miles

Thu – 0 miles

Fri – 4.3 miles

Sat – 0 miles

Sun – 6.3 miles

Total – 21.1 miles

Yes I know Monday was supposed to be a rest day. I felt good after running the 5Ks over New Year so I joined Sarah for run.

This week was a good introduction to running more than I usually do. Actually running five times didn’t bother me too much. I had some tightness in my right calf on Wednesday but it was fine.

The plan began with a 20 minute run, which was different, as if I’m going out for a short run it’s never less than 5K. My parkrun Personal Best is 22:10 but that’s flat out the aim now is slow and steady. Thankfully we know that from our usual starting point to the local theatre is a mile, so I used that as a marker, trying to get there as close to 10 minutes as possible. Which I did, I then carried on and made a loop through town getting back in a time of 21:41 minutes, the first run done!

On Sunday I had my first long run of the programme. Run 60 minutes was the instruction.

I went out for the first 1.5 miles with Sarah and Kevin; who is training for his first half. They eased me into the run at a slower pace around 11 minute miles, I then carried on on a route around Brecon, adding a few hills into the route to test my lungs, legs and recovery time. As I headed for home, I quickened the pace but realised I would get home before the hour was up, so had to slow down a bit and back track through town a bit more. I got back dead on 60 minutes.

When I began planning to run a marathon I expected to be running 10 minute miles in order to get around the distance and feel comfortable. However I’ve struggled to get comfortable at that pace, I am finding that I’m better going a bit quicker at 9:30 minute miles, what I need to do is make sure that I keep an eye on my pace during runs as it has a tendency to quicken as I put the miles in.

I’d love to be able to get around at my half marathon pace which is about a minute quicker but I’m not confident I could get around and still walk after crossing the finishing line!

My hope is that I can keep a decent comfortable pace for 20 miles and then speed up for the final 6.2.

As it stands my goal time is 4 hours 20 minutes. The pace I’m running should bring me in before that but I’m giving myself some breathing space.

Onwards to week two!

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  1. Good miles Gary! And it’s hard sticking to that slower training pace. I’m working at about 11 min miles as I know when I get to higher mileage, any faster and my body will really not like me! Happy trails!

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