London Marathon – Training Week Two

This week has been a good week of running for me. The mileage has picked up without any huge problems (as yet!). My right foot / ankle / achilles area gives me a little ache now and again, as it did on my first run today. It may be that I haven’t got my shoes done up tight enough, I shall experiment next week.

Mileage for Week Two
Mon – 0 miles
Tue – 3.7 miles – with Kevin
Wed – 4.1 miles
Thu – 0 miles
Fri – 4.4 miles
Sat – 0 miles
Sun – 8 Miles solo / 6.3 miles with Sarah
Total – 26.7 miles

My Brother-in-Law Kevin is in training for his first Half Marathon which will be in Merthyr on 26th March. That half has a few hills and Kevin has only trained on the flat so far, in order to prepare him I showed him a few streets around Brecon that go up nicely and which will test his lungs and legs but that which will also aid his recovery. I like hills, hills are fab.

Today I had my long run and decided that I needed to push myself a bit, so ran around Cradoc. It’s a local route out of Brecon to the village of Cradoc. The only way to get there is up a hilly road. It’s a circuitous route so what goes up must come down. The climb up on one side, the way I went up, climbs nicely for a few miles before levelling out.

I kept a nice steady pace on the way up and was able to stretch my legs and speed up the pace once at the top. Two quicker miles were what I needed but brought the pace back down for the last three, as it’s time running I need rather than pace.

My aim for the marathon is to get around in 4 hours and 20 minutes, as it stands I can get around in just over 4 hours but let’s not forget I haven’t ever run further than 15 miles, so the next few months of running and training are going to be a fun journey. Plus I really, really want to be able to walk once I cross the finish line.

Split times for today’s Long Run:
Mile 1 – 10:06 /mi
Mile 2 – 10:05
Mile 3 – 09:38
Mile 4 – 07:49
Mile 5 – 07:39
Mile 6 – 09:47
Mile 7 – 09:01
Mile 8 – 08:46

I had about an hour to recover, get some water and a protein shake, change t-shirt, socks and shoes, start writing this post and then I was off out running again! As I joined Sarah on her weekly Sunday Long Run for a 6.3mile run.

My legs were tired but I managed to get around, luckily Sarah was setting a nice steady pace.

For the year to date I have run 54 miles, which when compared to 2016 is where I was in March, not 15 days into the new year. Clearly I am going to be running more this year than ever before but at this stage I don’t know how long my body will let me carry on at this rate.

I hope to stay healthy and running steadily after the marathon in April. I have events lined up that I would like to attend.

When I looked at the plan, I put it on a spreadsheet (not news to anyone who knows me well!) so I was aware that I would be running 2016’s mileage in total before I even got to the start line of the marathon. There are many runners who attempt to run either 1000 kilometres or 1000 miles in a year. I’m not sure I can achieve that but I’ll give a good go.

Failing that, I’ll have my first marathon medal and that will be good enough for me.

Onward to week three!