No pictures please!

The lack of pictures on my newest posts isn’t a new minimalist decision for artistic reasons.

If you read back you will see that I like pictures and put many on my posts.

That however was when I had much more disposable income! The years of ‘Premium’ WordPress that I purchased have lapsed, and I’m back on the free plan, which means no upload space for new photos.

I can’t justify the approximate £80 it will cost which will allow me to upload more photos for one year only.

However there is a way around this. The link below will take you dear reader, to my Instagram account, where you will find a heady mixture of running photos, films we’re watching (DVD Lucky Dip is fun!), books I’m reading and so on.

Click this to see my Instagram’s
As I post here about running or anything else that piques my interest, and that I have a photo for, I shall include a link in that particular post.