London Marathon – Training Week Three

Three weeks completed already! I didn’t think it would go this fast.

Mileage for Week Three
Mon – 0 miles
Tue – 3.2 miles – with Sarah
Wed – 6.4 miles Instagram
Thu – 0 miles
Fri – 4 miles Instagram
Sat – 0 miles
Sun – 8.5 miles
Total – 22.1 miles

A few miles down on last week but I had done some extra running that wasn’t in the plan last week.

After a double run on the Sunday my legs did need the rest day on Monday and they were still feeling a little heavy for my Tuesday run. I ran with Sarah on her run, which was what the legs needed and I was able to ease myself around a 5k.

Having had that nice gentle run, along came Wednesday and a 50 minute run. I perhaps should have run around 5 or 5.5 miles, but I just felt like running and not worrying about the pace.

This meant that I finished with an average pace 8:05 /mile, somewhat faster than my planned marathon pace of 9:30 /mile. I kept up a decent pace for 4 miles and could have kept going but was aware I still had 2 more runs this week. It was good to just run though!

For my Sunday long run, I planned to explore a road not far from the house, a road that one of my running¬†group runs. Having not run the road before I kept a nice steady pace and it was good that I did, as the route climbs nearly all the way for 2.5 miles. There is one particular hill that certainly tested my legs and lungs, I kept pushing through it but was glad when it was done. I’m no too keen to revisit it, but will keep it in mind if I need a short sharp 4 miler.

The route would bring me back to more familiar streets, and I carried on the run, making my way to 8.5 miles in the allotted 80 minutes I was too run.

Next week the long run moves up to 90 minutes and a rough guide of 22 miles run over the week.