My Mum died a year ago today.

My Mum and her Mum.

A few years later, Mum is around 10 (I’m guessing); with her Brother, Mum and two Sisters.

Mum was born and brought up in Hull and had various adventures as she grew up. Seeing lots of bands in the city and even hitchhiking to Scotland with a friend.

She enlisted in the Army on 30 September 1969 and served for 1 year 182 days. During her time in the military she served in the UK and in Germany. When a person is discharged from the Army they are given a red book which details their service. There is also an opportunity for the Commanding Officer to write a testimonial.

Private Bartram has been employed as a clerk throughout her Army service. Honest and polite, she is maturing rapidly into a steady and reliable person. She mixes well and I can thoroughly recommend her to any employer.

In uniform (first on the left) with her colleagues.

Messing about outside the block she lived in whilst stationed in Germany.

Mum about a month after she left the Army. She’d left because she had met and married my Dad.

Another one from their time in Germany.

I’m going to skip ahead to more recent times now.

Mum with her first Grandchild, Kirsty.

As Mum got older she shied away from the camera. A lot of the photos I’ve taken over the years, have been quick shots before she realised the camera was there. A few times I did get her to stand still!

This was taken at my Sisters house and I remember it to this day, She came out of the door saw me and as I took the picture she said “That ruddy camera”. She wasn’t one for swearing.

There’s a common thread to the photo’s I’ve picked and that is Mum smiling. She did smile after I took the last photo, honest. She was always smiling, even when she went through her period of illness. I’ve looked though all the photo albums and all the photos that I’ve taken and there aren’t many where she isn’t smiling.

She wasn’t someone who took herself too seriously and I liked that about her.

Mum (right) and her sister Carol.In the months before her sudden death, I took her to a few places.

We went to Longleat, where I took her photo with a woman dressed as Queen Elizabeth I. Mum was a real fan of King Henry VIII, she watched The Tudors when that was on TV.

I also took her to London, where I took lots of photos but only a couple of Mum; something that annoys me. Mum was a big fan of Morgan Freeman & Arnold Schwarzenegger so it was great to get a picture of her with their waxworks.

Mum enjoyed films and we watched a lot together. She liked as she put it “a bit of gratuitous violence”, preferring films featuring the two men above along with Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Seagal & Jason Statham.

The photo at the top of this post is one of two favourite photo’s that I took of her. Below is the other one.


Today marks a month since my Mum died.

Today I shall place some lovely yellow roses on her grave.

Today will be a hard day.

Today I shall distract myself by thinking of other things.

Today I know that those distractions wont be enough.