Last week I took a trip to Oakwood Theme Park in West Wales. I’ve been before a few times but either with family or as a volunteer where there are 40 young people charging about.

So this was an opportunity to go on the rides I wanted, and for as many times as I wanted. Which mean trying to fit in as many rides on the roller coasters as possible before feeling queasy.

I arrived just after 11am and headed for the one ride I never get to go on…The Bobsleigh!

The queue for this ride or perhaps slide is usually very very long, it’s a children’s ride but on this morning, all those in the queue were adults, and all we keen to have a go on a ride usually unavailable to them.

During the day I went on every ride that it’s possible for an adult to have a go on, yes even Brer Rabbit, which once again was occupied by adults, not a child in sight, and it’s still a very odd experience. The only ride unavailable was the Pirate Ship which was closed for technical reasons.

Speed, Megaphobia, Bounce and Drench – are collectively called the big four, and I rode them all. Speed is one of my favorite coasters, but as I’ve only been here and Alton Towers in the past few years, there hasn’t been much competition. I don’t like the start where you go up vertically, but the drop is so much fun.

Megaphobia rattles every bone in your body, I rode on the front, middle and back. My last ride of the day was the back and that finished me off, I was hoping for one more ‘bounce’ but felt rough after being thrown all over the place.

This day marked my first ‘bounce’, and I loved it. On my third and final ride, the operator seemed to have a bit of fun as his shift ended. Normally the ride starts with the operator telling everyone to look ahead and the he counts down from ten, when he gets about halfway he shoots the ride 120 feet into the air. On this go, he didn’t say anything and just shot us up, which took my breath away, but it was a better experience.

Then there was Drenched! I didn’t go on last year during the kids trip, this time I watched it a couple of times and then went for it, and boy does it live up to its name!, not a ride to do when it’s a bit cold.

Other than the roller coasters the highlight of the day was Spooky 3D, this is a ghost train which is good fun, on my previous visits the 3D part didn’t happen as glasses were not handed out; this time though I was handed a pair and the ride is so much the better for it.

Ride count:

Speed: 3
Megaphobia: 3
Drenched: 1
Bounce: 3
Treetops: 1
Plane Crazy: 1
Bobsleigh: 1
Spooky 3D: 1
Snake River Falls: 2
Waterfall: 1
Skyleap: 1