Things that annoy me – Driving Edition

I’m a new driver; I passed at the third attempt just over six months ago. As a new driver on probation for two years I have to obey the law to the letter because if I get too many points, my licence is revoked and I become a provisional driver again, and I don’t want to go through all that again.

Of course I make mistakes, I’m still learning to drive, I’ve passed a test but that’s only the start isn’t it?

Some drivers seem to think they own the road and are the best driver ever, some also think that they are on a race track. I sometimes think I drive a sports car, then I remember it’s only a 1.4 Fiesta.

I pay to park in a car park as on street parking is not always available where I live. At the entrance/exit of the car park there is a mini roundabout. As I approach roundabouts I say in my head “give way to the right”, it makes me remember to look right, obvious yes? So why when I left the car park the other day did I get honked at when I signalled right and moved onto the road, a van (yes a white one) and its three occupants look dumfounded that I had pulled out as they approached.

White van man and his two companions then decided they would tailgate me all the way down the road. In the first few months of driving I didn’t respond very well to tailgating; I sped up, a few months down the line and now I slow down. We were in a 40 where I would usually do 40 but on this day my speed went down 40, 38, 35, 32 and finally 30, white van man is now practically in my boot.

At the entrance to where I work I see a bus has pulled over, so I slow down, select second gear and as I approach the bus, it indicates and pulls away, I’m now at my left turn, so I indicate, brake a bit more and begin to turn in. As I do I see in my rear view mirror white van man flash his lights and pull out to overtake, one of his companions sees fit to pay homage to those coffee adverts from the 90’s as they pass.

I was taught to drive defensively, more people should remember their driving lessons and drive accordingly, there would be less accidents I’m sure.