London Marathon Training – Week 12 Merthyr Half Marathon

Mileage for Week Twelve
Mon – 0 miles
Tue – 0 miles
Wed – 0 miles
Thu – 0 miles
Fri – 0 miles
Sat – 1.1 miles
Sun – 13.1 miles Instagram Instagram 2
Total – 14.2 miles

Another resting week!

I had a cold and was giving myself time to get over it. I thought that if I carried on running it would only prolong the cold. It’s still hanging around but not as bad as it could have been.

The 1.1 miles on Saturday was a 3 to 4 mile run that I cut short as my calf was playing up again. I had woken up at around 6.30am and got up, dressed in running stuff and went straight out, no food, no water, nothing. It was a very cold morning and I must have shocked my body into running. Thankfully I went around the local loop and I was back at the top of our street when the calf began to twinge, so I called it a day. Especially as I would be running 13.1 the very next day.

The Merthyr Half is a local run so it’s a good one to do being only half an hours drive away.

This is the 3rd running of the new Merthyr Half, my knowledge is a bit poor but I think there used to be a run in the 1980s. Anyway this is my second run here. The course is different to 2015 due to road closures. This time it was an out and back course along the Taff Trail.

The run would also be the first Half for my Brother-in-Law Kevin. He had only run 10 mile previously and was mostly prepared for the distance.

I had decided that I would run with him from start to finish, in order to encourage him to keep going!

My splits were as follows:

1 – 9:34
2 – 9:39
3 – 9:49
4 – 9:47
5 – 10:05
6 – 10:40
7 – 10:43
8 – 11:22
9 – 10:27
10 – 11:26
11 – 11:46
12 – 12:00
13 – 11:56

This being an out and back whatever we face in the first 6.5 ish miles we would see again!

The hills began at around 5 miles which is noticeable in the split times (remember I was running with Kevin, so our splits are similar). The hill between 5 & 6 was of a higher elevation that the hill at 6.5 miles but it seems that that particular hill was the cause of slowdown, not just for Kevin but for most of our running friends group.

Kevin’s lack of training in the last month was noticeable here and he began to slow and feel every mile!

It was a fab run and Kevin finished in 2:20:47 which is a respectable time. Even more so as I had predicted a 2:30 finish just before the gun started the race!

In 2015, I struggled with the other route but enjoyed this out and back, I may even drive to Merthyr and run it for fun!! If I am still training this time next year (normally I don’t tend to run much December to March), I’ll think about having another crack at the run.