1001 Albums #18 – Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan At Mister Kelly’s – 1958
Sarah Vaughan – At Mister Kelly’s

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Another artist I’d not heard of. It’s odd how some of the stars of 50 years ago survive in the modern conscience and some disappear and are only remembered by connoisseurs or hard core fans.

This is a live album recorded at the height of her fame, it’s a Jazz vocal album and despite my thoughts on Jazz (see previous albums) this was a good listen.

Vaughan’s voice is cool and chilled out, clear and crisp not like her contemporaries album that I heard a few posts ago. This is a woman at the top of her powers and in control, during the second song there is a noise that isn’t expected; it sounds like something gets knocked over but she isn’t fazed and about 40 seconds from the end she realises that the her lyrics have come to an end but the music hasn’t, so she adlibs over the remaining time – I’m making that sound dull, but it’s quite funny, go listen to it.

This isn’t one I’d listen to again but it’s definitely worth a listen, perhaps on a lazy Sunday.

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