Camping in the South West

As I’m no longer a Civil Servant, I’m going to try and enjoy being unemployed for a little bit, before embarking on a new career as a ?, well I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do. At the moment I would like to be a Youth Worker but who knows, I certainly don’t!

Before I get down to the dirty business of job/career hunting I’m going to travel a bit, nothing too exotic at first, take in some Olympic football, watch the other bits of the Olympics, sleep in past six am and maybe get a bit fitter (not sure about that last one).

So travel, something I’ve not really done, other than my recent trips to London and a day in Paris. I’m starting slow, firstly with two weeks in the South West of England, followed by trips to France and the USA in the next few months.

My first plan was to drive from Land’s End to John O’Groats; but that started to turn into a logistical nightmare. So I nixed that idea. I’ve never been to Scotland so may take a trip that way from mid October onwards (everyone get your fingers crossed for decent weather from now to Christmas).

During my trip to the South West I will be camping, which is something I’ve not done properly before. In my teens I camped in a tent on a friends farm for a few nights, but we where always in sight of the house.

I’ve got a tent, sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, a Trangia cooking set and lots and lots of other stuff that I probably don’t need but I’m taking anyway. I’m also not completely slumming it, of the pitches I have booked, all bar one, have electricity! I gotta be able to charge the iPad, iPhone and I’ve bought a travel kettle!!

My plan is to make my way down west coast from Minehead to Land’s End, checking out some interesting stuff on the way, I’m going to try and avoid as much of the main touristy stuff as possible.

The blue pins are places I’m going to visit, or attempt to visit. The green pins are where I’m camping each night.

I’ve borrowed a tent for this first taste of camping, that way if I don’t like it I’ve not wasted any cash.

The tent is a Terra Nova Ultra Quasar and looks like this.

After some research I bought a Trangia cook set; which looks like this.

It uses methylated spirits as fuel, so no need to carry around gas of any kind.

I’ve (half) put up the tent once so far, our garden isn’t that big and I wasn’t able to peg it out – I will, well probably will, find a field close by and have another go on Monday! I’ve also not cooked using the Trangia, that will also be Monday.

There’s nothing like being prepared 🙂