1001 Albums #23 – The Dave Brubeck Quartet / Time Out


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The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out

First Listen

Prior knowledge of this album
I was aware of two tracks.

Standout Tracks
Blue Rondo A La Turk
Take Five

Jazz again! Ah the 1950’s you trouble me so. This time though  wasn’t put off completely.

I was aware of two tracks going in, they have been in various films over the years and that’s probably where I heard them first, but they are also pretty much classic bits of music history.

Blue Rondo A La Turk has that great 1-2/1-2/1-2-3 thing going on, and yes I had to look that up. It uses a time signature not usually heard in Jazz which Dave Brubeck heard whilst on tour in Europe. The opening and closing using that tune are great, the middle section does drop into a more familiar jazz style but it was one I could just about cope with.

Take Five is very cool, an excellent piece of music; possibly my favourite bit of jazz – no wait I’ve just remembered the theme from Bullitt. Okay level favourite perhaps?

Anyway, the rest of the album is okay, it’s still not for me. Jazz in a different tempo like the two standouts here I can listen to, jazz in its everyday 4/4 time (I think that’s right) is not for me…just yet.

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
3 out of 5