Marathon Hangover

It’s said that it can take six weeks to get over running a marathon.

Today it has been five weeks since the London Marathon.

I’m going by guess work here but I’m thinking that to get over running a marathon, you first need to rest … I haven’t rested.

In those five weeks I have run 94.6 miles and don’t I know it.

I trained for the marathon using a combination of a running plan and guess work, why would what happened after be any different!

Here’s how the first two weeks looked:

Mon – Rest
Tue РRest
Wed – 3.3 miles
Thu – 3.3 miles
Fri – 7.2 miles
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Mon – Rest
Tue – 3 miles (Llanfrynach 3 mile road race)
Wed – Rest
Thu – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – 3.1 miles
Sun – 3.7 miles

That’s about 24 miles, not huge mileage but there isn’t any consistent rest. In reality that first week should have been zero miles run, not three days in a row for nearly 14!

Initially I was fine. I ran a PB time over the 3 mile route at Llanfrynach; 21:40 taking 2 minutes of my PB.

The three days either side of that run are my longest rest periods! Since then it has been one or two days between runs.

Two weeks after the 3 mile event I was away in Poole and missed the 4 mile event. I ran the route on my own two days later and had to stop and walk at around 2.6 miles. My legs struggled. That could have been a combination of tiredness from my trip away and the warm evening or it could have been no rest. By the way I ran 29.4 miles that week.

This week I have run 22.4 miles, finishing the week with a 10 mile group run with friends. Prior to this run I made a decision that next week I am giving myself some rest at last. Five days to be exact, Mon – Fri will be free of running.

In my last post I said I may sign up for Chester Marathon. I have since done that. The training will begin in about a month and I want to be going into that consistent period of training at least feeling a little better than I do now.

At least this time I know what I am letting myself in for and that once the Marathon is done on the 8th of October, that I must let my body rest for at least a week, maybe more before getting the running shoes back on.