Who Am I?

Okay that’s the difficult opening post over with, onto the equally difficult second post!

How about some information about me:

I’m Male, thirty something, English and I’ve lived in Wales for over 20 years.

I like most sports; favourite being football.

I like pretty much every genre of Cinema, although I’m not keen on horror

I like pretty much every genre of Music, although I’m not keen on Jazz & Opera.

I’m not a big reader, if I do its nothing too heavy; maybe some Grisham or Crichton.  Sci-Fi books if anything and more often than not the subject will be time travel.  ‘Time and Again’ by Jack Finney is a favourite of mine, and I’ve just bought the new Stephen King book ’11.22.63’, which combines the JFK assassination and time travel.

I don’t have a clear posting regime in mind, I think I’ll be posting when something peaks my interest, or perhaps I’ll just flood it with inane drivel, we shall wait and see.

I know there’s a bucket list in my future (in fact I’ve already started it) so that will get posted.